Note from Violeta

I started making custom handmade clothing in 1993, simply because I couldn’t find and wanted to dress myself with beautiful clothes that used the finest and most earth friendly materials available at the time. As I wore these very personal pieces, people and specialty stores took notice and placed orders. Every piece was pure magic to make and wear. There is a very special feeling when wearing something crafted by hand, it has it's own life and story, each is unique.

While periodically working for other companies, including working as Senior Designer at Patagonia for six years, a great match for our mutual ethics, I create limited custom work. In 2010, I also began working with indigenous Amazon artisans on creative design collaborations to promote their culture, arts and crafts, through the ORG by vio brand, by incorporating their millenary artistry into contemporary designs, as a means to generate a sustainable economy for the stewards of the most biodiverse ecosystem.

Now, alongside my work with indigenous Amazon artisans, I continue making custom garments for a select clientele  and collectors that appreciate the beauty of wearing a hand crafted garment made especially for them with the finest sustainable materials.

If you would like to have a custom garment made, you can contact me directly and I'll get back to you promptly.

I look forward to working on your custom piece, especially made for you.

For the Love of People, Planet & Culture,