Clothing Artisan

In 1993, designer Violeta Villacorta made the first garment that gave birth to her natural, organic, handcrafted designs. It began as she tried to find stylish and finely crafted clothing, made with earth friendly materials. As she wore her creations to events, people started to take notice and she began fulfilling custom orders, selling to a discerning clientele and fine specialty stores.

These unique designs find their influence in nature, her Peruvian roots and in various other cultures that have inspired her sensibilities. Each design is created with the highest concern for people and the environment. By using the best materials available, Violeta Villacorta creates what she has coined as Rustic Elegance. Rustic for the natural, organic, raw materials and Elegance for the fine design with which each piece is made.

Fabrics and fibers are chosen carefully for each particular design. Violeta uses organic cotton, ahimsa silk, fine linen, hemp, jute, recycled materials and repurposed garments and fabrics adding life to them by hand embroidering each piece with raffia straw and other plant-based  threads.

Once designs are created, the perfect patterns and fit are developed. Each piece is handcrafted and hand embroidered, adding texture and depth. Every piece takes from two to six weeks to craft, depending on the intricacy they entail. Each piece is handmade with love, care and precision. Each is a beautiful work of art to be worn and collected... timeless clothing that surpasses the test of time.

Violeta creates capsule collections for her slow fashion brand and works closely with clients to create exquisite and unique designs made especially for them.